Strengthening the involvement of women's civil society organizations, local authorities, and activists in co-creating conflict prevention strategies integrated with climate change adaptation measures

What we are doing
Implementation Period
  • Implementation Period: 2023 - 2024
  • Donor organization: Фонд миростроительства ООН
  • Geographical location: Баткенская область, Баткенский район, айыльные аймаки: Дара, Кара-Булак, Торткуль, Кыштут, Суу-Баши; Лейлекский район, айыльные аймаки: Тогуз-Булак, Кен-Талаа, Сумбула, Лейлек
The project plays a crucial role in strengthening the institutional capacity of women's Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and local authorities. It aims to create favourable conditions that foster their active participation in decision making processes related to climate security and peace building in Kyrgyzstan at a strategic level.

Project Background

The fulfilment of tasks related to climate change adaptation, social cohesion, and gender equality is instrumental in achieving these goals.

Project Objectives & Goals

The CAMP Alatoo PF has taken on the responsibility of evaluating and analyzing climate risks in the Aiyl Aimaks within the project area, as well as seeking local experiences related to adapting to a changing climate. 

Project Result

In order to enhance the analytical skills of women's organizations and LSGs in assessing climate risks and envisioning likely scenarios, the CAMP Alatoo PF plans to organize training sessions and offer support from its specialists. Additionally, technical support and facilitation will be provided to women's CSOs and Aiyl Okmotu throughout the process of integrating climate adaptation measures into local socio-economic development plans, with the overarching goal of ensuring peace and security.