Strengthening regional cooperation and increasing the capacity of organizations working in the field of natural resource management and development of mountain communities in Central Asia are important tasks for the PF "CAMP Alatoo".  To address them, in 2018, an expert environmental network of Central Asia (GREEN CA) in cooperation with the Karaganda Public Association "Environmental Museum" and with the support of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) was created; bringing together organizations and specialists from different sectors. 

The priority for GREEN CA is joint project development and participation in strategic planning processes in the Central Asian region. For CAMP Alatoo, GREEN CA is also a kind of regional expansion, which provides new opportunities to participate in country initiatives with the aim of working with partners to help improving the lives of communities throughout the region.  Such an experience was tested with the emergence of a branch in Khorog (GBAO, Tajikistan) - PF "CAMP Tabiat", which since 2013 has been helping the residents of the Pamir highlands to reforest, manage pastures and adapt to climate change. 

PF "CAMP Alatoo" gladly shares its experience  with colleagues from Central Asia and the CIS countries during educational visits. Topics are in the field of natural resource management, cooperations with government partners in promoting reforms and changes in land legislations

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- Educational visits