About us

The CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation was established in 2004 as the successor to the Central Asian Mountain Partnership (CAMP). Using multi-stakeholder approaches, CAMP Alatoo develops innovative, effective and simple and accessible technologies to raise rural communitie`s awareness and involvement in the management and conservation of natural resources.


The CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation, with a highly motivated expert team adhering to democratic principles of governance, actively contributes to improving the quality of life in Central Asian communities, preserving biodiversity, and adapting to climate change through sustainable natural resource management. This is achieved by developing, adapting, and implementing local and international best practices.

The organization focuses on developing and implementing practical approaches and tools for sustainable natural resource management at the local level within projects implemented in mountainous regions with the support of international donors.

Operating in line with democratic principles of governance, the organization emphasizes collegiality, encourages initiative, and welcomes diverse perspectives. One of the effective mechanisms employed by the NGO since 2018 is the establishment of working groups composed of staff members to address various project-related and operational matters.


The primary goal of the NGO "CAMP Alatoo" is to promote sustainable development of mountainous (rural) regions and nature conservation in Central Asia.

Development of partner network 

CAMP Alatoo PF has a sustainable partnership network, including NGOs, consulting centers, local experts, government agencies, scientific and educational institutions. The Foundation considers one of its strategic objectives to further expand and strengthen cooperation and capacity building of organizations working in the field of natural resource management and development of mountain communities.

Information policy 

The CAMP Alatoo Foundation strives to be open and transparent in its activities by actively exchanging information with community representatives, donors and partners, and by maintaining fruitful dialogue and active public relations.