Our resources

Websites, platforms, and online tools are information products of various CAMP Alatoo PF projects created with the aim of disseminating the results of work, establishing communication and feedback, providing methods necessary for developing various documents, collecting statistical data, and more.






Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EBA)

The website http://eba.camp.kg/ is an information product of the project "Ecosystem-based Approach to Climate Change Adaptation in High Mountain Regions of Central Asia".

This initiative was implemented by a consortium of regional governmental agencies, international and local NGOs in the region, research institutes and educational institutions. The International Climate Initiative (ICI), the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUV) and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) played a leading coordinating role and financially supported the project. CAMP Alatoo PF and CAMP Tabiat PF partnered in the implementation of the project in Kyrgyzstan.

The website contains detailed information about the phases of the project in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, from the description of the concept, goals and objectives of the ecosystem-based approach to the concrete steps of its application. The history and implementation of the project is compiled in sections of the website and arranged in such a way that users have all the necessary materials at their fingertips - action plans on climate change adaptation, guidelines on climate risks and economic assessment of mitigation measures, studies on the implementation of successful ecosystem approaches in public policy, infographics, videos and photos.


The website http://greenca.tilda.ws/ is the platform of Green CA, a regional environmental expert network in Central Asia, to provide services in the field of interaction between the economy and the environment. The network brings together 13 organisations and 58 specialists from Central Asia who, based on impressive practical experience and the principles of a green economy, can assist in the preparation of various documents and project management reviews, consulting support, capacity building assessments and analyses.

The e-Jaiyt committee

The Electronic Jaiyt (Grassland) Committee (EJC) digital tool (https://jc.camp.kg/) is designed to assist government entities working in the field of natural resources and rangeland committees to manage land use. The key process of this program is data entry and automatic data processing. One of the major advantages of the tool is that all the information collected will facilitate the preparation of an integrated pasture management plan for the committees.

In the system each pasture committee has a personal profile and cabinet with location data, contacts, identification number, capacity indicators, vegetation productivity, workload (number of animals on the plot), number of shepherds and issued grazing tickets etc.  Among other useful functions of the EWC is the possibility to control the implementation of the budget of the Jaiyt committee, make an inventory, monitor and evaluate the efficiency of pasture use.

The Department of Pastures and Livestock Breeding under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Regional Development of the Kyrgyz Republic acts as the administrator of the electronic system. Using the ELC, this body receives a detailed information picture on the activity of pasture committees and the state of the lands.