Mobile Applications

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to an increase in people's interest in self-education through mobile apps. According to statistics, the time spent by users in online learning services has exceeded 60% in the last few years.  

Today, mobile apps are a 'must-have' for any organisation whose activities are aimed at improving the education of the population. CAMP Alatoo PF, through various projects, develops applications that allow users not only to obtain useful information, but also to observe plants, animals, pastures, water, accompanying their monitoring with photos, and as a result collect their own database. These online tools are useful to professionals in the field of natural resources, educators, schoolchildren and amateurs interested in flora and fauna.  

The mobile apps are also information products relevant to the digitalisation process that is developing in our country.

"Aquatic organisms" mobile app

The mobile app is designed to collect information on water quality and study various organisms (macroinvertebrates), which are indicators of pollution levels in local rivers and lakes. The functions of the application allow you to record the location of organisms on a map, take photographs, include and save information, and determine which group and (sub-)species the object in question belongs to. The app offers a detailed classification of living organisms found in local water bodies. The collected data is sent for storage to an online database that is available to all users of the app.
The app makes it possible to analyse water quality by counting the number and species of organisms found in the water.

"Plant Phenology" mobile app

The app can be used to monitor the seasonal phases of plant development (phenophases), e.g. bud swelling and opening, flowering, and fruit ripening. Plants commonly observed are: poplar, birch, sea buckthorn, currant, rose hips and raspberries. A detailed description of each phenophase and plant can be found in the "Field Guide" section.  Regular observation of the phenophases will help to track the dynamics of plant development depending on the climatic conditions in each region.
The "Aquatic Organisms" and "Plant Phenology" apps are available for download on Android systems from version 4 and iOS. Instructions on how to use the app can be found at in the section "Publications".

"Pasture monitoring" mobile app

The "Pasture monitoring" mobile app - is a useful assistant for the work of pasture committees and forestries. Thanks to the app the employees of these structures can observe and assess the changes in the condition of the pastures in the before grazing in spring and after grazing in autumn.

The online service enables users to create their own pasture database and share it with experts. The user is asked to register in order to use it. In this case their information is in the public domain. An unregistered user can only store the information on their smartphone. The app has a user-friendly interface, three language versions (Kyrgyz, Russian and English) and provides tools for accurate monitoring and evaluation. The user needs to collect data on the vegetation cover and yield of the area being monitored, and indicate its location on a map.

The data entered are sent in real time to a server and are made available to a team of experts who, based on analysis of the information, will prepare their recommendations on improving pasture conditions. It is planned that this group will include representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Regional Development of the Kyrgyz Republic, and the Design Institute of Land Management ("Kyrgyzgiprozem"). In this way the data on the state of pastures will be available to the bodies responsible for pasture policy and will influence the development of effective and efficient strategies for the improvement of this area of agriculture.

The application is currently being tested in the forestry farms of Aksy and Bazar-Korgon districts. Employees of the forestry farms of Aksy, Arkyt and Avletim in Aksy district and representatives of the local pasture committees have already been trained in June on how to use the app.

"Tabiyat kenchi" mobile app

Look into the "Treasure Trove of Nature" of Kyrgyzstan, one of the most beautiful countries of Central Asia, realize its rich biodiversity, study more than 1000 species of animals and 3500 thousand plants, and find out which of them are protected under the "Red Book".

Develop and use your naturalist skills, be an active assistant to scientists in collecting information about rare specimens of Kyrgyzstan's flora and fauna, and look for new unexplored species.

Use Tabiyat kenchi to record your observations and identify specific animal and plant species by comparing your own photos with the mobile app's photo catalogue. Your data will go to biodiversity experts for confirmation of the observation, which - very possibly - will become a real discovery! The more sightings, the higher your ranking!

Collect your observations in your profile and share them on social media, inspiring others to study the nature of their home region.

Grazing Response Index (GRI) App