Advancing regional cooperation on integrated land use through strengthened regional expert networks

What we are doing
Implementation Period
  • Implementation Period: 2023 - 2024
  • Donor organization: Министерство экономического сотрудничества и развития Германии (BMZ) при содействии Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammmenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (Германского общества по международному сотрудничеству)
  • Geographical location: Центральная Азия
There were no regional organizations in Central Asia offering a platform for experts and civil society to work together on environmental issues. Their potential for sharing knowledge, experience and best practices in environmental conservation and sustainable resource use was often neglected.

Project Background

In 2019, this gap was filled by GREEN CA, a Regional Environmental Expert Network of Central Asia established under the regional program “Integrated Land Use for Climate Change in Central Asia” (ILUCA). One of the objectives of this initiative is to ensure the inclusion of integrated land management in Central Asia into the agenda of regional development processes. 

A consortium consisting of the CAMP Alatoo PF and Ecomuseum PA (Karaganda, Kazakhstan) is developing and supporting the network of experts.

The Regional Environmental Expert Network of Central Asia is a community that brings together organizations and independent experts from across the region, specializing in various areas of economic and environmental interactions.

Project Objectives & Goals

The mission of the network is to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources by bringing together experts and using their knowledge to implement ideas of a green economy, low-carbon development, conservation and sustainability of biodiversity and natural resources in Central Asia.


Project Result

In September 2023, the 1st international conference on improving the efficiency of expert services in addressing environmental and related problems in the region was organized in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), which was attended by more than 90 experts from all CA countries, representatives of government agencies, as well as international and business organizations. The event served as a platform for strengthening cooperation within the GREEN CA network, aiming to tackle ecological and natural resource issues in the region.

At the initiative of the GREEN CA network, a training on “In-depth analysis of the economics of land degradation: how to value ecosystem services for better recognition of the value of nature in land management” was held in September 2023 for experts and member organizations.

The main objective of the training was to familiarize participants with the mechanisms and tools for assessing the nature and its ecosystem services, and to provide the knowhow for conducting cost-benefit analysis of land degradation processes.