Shared Prosperity through Cooperation in Border Regions of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

What we are doing
Implementation Period
  • Implementation Period: 2022 - 2022
  • Donor organization: Продовольственная и сельскохозяйственная организация (ФАО) в КР, UNFPA
  • Geographical location: Ошская область, Араванский район, приграничные села Мангыт, Чекабад, Джалал-Абадская область, Аксыйский район, приграничные села Олон-Булак, Кашка-Суу, Алабукинский район, приграничные села Кажар, Баймак
The CAMP Alatoo PF conducted a baseline survey to obtain reliable information on local initiatives and practices that promote peacebuilding or improve inter-community relations among the population of the project area.

Project Background

A total of 383 residents from six villages in the project area participated in the survey. The target groups included representatives of local institutions – Aiyl Okmotu, pasture committees, leskhozes, water users’ associations, women and youth committees, village CSOs and NGOs, and households.  In each locality, at least 30-50% of women and youth were interviewed.


Project Objectives & Goals

The project was aimed at enhancing cross-border environmental and socio-economic cooperation between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Project Result

During interviews and focus group discussions, data were collected on the economic, social and environmental situation, including existing transboundary dynamics, in the context of the planned project activities. The study contributed to the identification of baseline parameters and indicators related to the project outputs and outcomes. In particular, the problems in the field of environment, gender, development of cross-border relations, improvement of rural infrastructure, as well as the role of local government institutions and NGOs and their efforts to involve women and youth in the management and establishment of cross-border businesses were studied and analysed.

The results of the study helped in making decisions on further actions, adaptation and adjustment of the project activities.