Efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions

What we are doing
Implementation Period
  • Implementation Period: 2021 - 2022
  • Donor organization: EXPO 2020 Dubai Initiative
  • Geographical location: Кыргызская Республика
In 2020, CAMP Alatoo PF launched the project "Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Heating Solutions" as part of the Global EXPO LIVE program conducted by the United Arab Emirates. This program was launched in 2017 to select, support and finance creative solutions and aims to support innovative projects and startups with real social value.

Project Background

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly stoves, presented by specialists of CAMP Alatoo PF at the contest of the Innovation Support Grant Program EXPO Live in Dubai in March 2020, aroused the interest of the program organizers, who believed that alternative heating systems have a positive impact on people's lives and such energy efficient technologies require financial support, which was provided by CAMP Alatoo PF.

Project Objectives & Goals

The efficiency of the furnace is 87%, which is more than 2 times higher than that of "burzhukas" and "contramaroks".  Furnace "Zhalyn" is able to generate more heat and fill a two-room house with an area of 40-45 square meters, and the boiler is able to heat a room of 100 square meters. High heat output does not require a large amount of coal / wood and saves up to 30% of fuel.

An average household in winter time used a traditional stove and burned 4,000 tons of coal or 12,000 soms. When replacing it with the energy efficient "Zhalyn" stove, the amount of fuel was reduced by 1 ton. These are the results of our research conducted after installing Zhalyn stoves in homes in Naryn, At-Bashy and Ak-Taalin districts of Naryn province.
– Ruslan Ismailov, Energy Efficiency Specialist of CAMP Alatoo PF

Fuel is saved due to the high efficiency, efficient combustion and infrequent loading of coal into the furnace - 5-8 kg maximum three times a day.  Devices "Zhalyn" are designed so that carbon monoxide (CO) is completely "destroyed" in the combustion zone, and the energy goes to the heat exchanger.  High temperature (400°-600°), at which the harmful gas burns, provides refractory bricks lined inside - a practical and environmentally friendly engineering solution.

Project Result

As part of the project, a production shop was opened under the supervision of qualified specialists, equipped with the necessary equipment for the production of energy efficient heating stoves and boilers of three models. In addition, the model ranges of heating boilers were created and supplemented. Due to the launch of our own manufacturing facility, the cost of the stoves was reduced, which made them affordable for the population of the countryside.