Involvement of Local Communities for Sustainable Protected Area Management and Planning

What we are doing
Implementation Period
  • Implementation Period: 2023 - 2025
  • Donor organization: Sigrid Rausing Trust
  • Geographical location: Иссык-Кульская область, Тонский район, айыльные аймаки: Б. Мамбетовский, Торт-Кульский, Кольторский; Джети-Огузский район: айыльные аймаки Джаргылчакский; Тюпский район: айыльные аймаки Тогуз-Булакский, Иссык-Кульский.
A nature reserve zone was established in the Jety-Oguz Rayon of Issyk-Kul Oblast in the 1980s to preserve and protect the habitat of animals and plants. The laws of modern Kyrgyzstan allow citizens to take control of enforcing the protection regime in specially protected natural areas (SPNAs) and engage in conservation work in collaboration with government authorities. Such public activities in the wildlife sanctuary are carried out by the Ala-Too Bugu Public Association with whom an agreement was reached as part of the project to conduct joint activities for sustainable management of natural resources in the Jargylchak wildlife sanctuary. "The green light” for this endeavour was also given by the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Conservation Department under the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Project Background

Based on the model of the Baiboosun micro-reserve the CAMP Alatoo PF and Ala-Too Bugu PA cooperate in such directions as:

  • development of ecological, scientific and economic justification for the functioning of the wildlife sanctuary;
  • observance of the protection regime and utilization of the wildlife sanctuary;
  • carrying out conservation activities in the wildlife sanctuary to preserve biodiversity;
  • control and monitoring of the wildlife sanctuary’s functioning;
  • introduction of rotational grazing in the wildlife sanctuary (the Grazing Response Index method)

During an expedition to the wildlife sanctuary, Scientists of the Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan conducted an ecological and scientific analysis of the local fauna and flora. A large and valuable biodiversity was identified, including such animals as: roe deer, ibex, snow leopard, manul (Palass’ cat), lynx, Himalayan griffon, bearded vulture and black vulture. These animals are included in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Project Objectives & Goals

The project supports the establishment of community-based protected areas (of different categories) and develops alternative sources of income for local people, raises awareness and addresses technical gaps at the institutional level.

The project used similar approaches in the Jargylchak state ecological wildlife sanctuary as in the establishment and operation of the Baiboosun micro-reserve:

  • involvement of local communities in conservation activities of SPNAs;
  • creation of legal conditions for the organization of public SPNAs;
  • development of methodological instructions.

Project Result

Training was conducted for the Ala-Too Bugu Public Association members, local residents, students and schoolchildren on wildlife recording and monitoring, implementation of anti-poaching systems, sustainable pasture management, snow leopard habitat conservation, and cheese production.

Solar dryers, milk separators, and solar panel batteries were provided to shepherds and rangers to produce organic products and generate alternative income. With funds from the revolving fund, members of the Ala-Too Bugu PA purchased two yurts to provide tourism services.