Инновационные открытые уроки для школьников Чон-Жаргылчака

Innovative Open Lessons for Schoolchildren of Chon-Zhargylchak

19 March 2024

School teachers from the villages of Chon-Zhargylchak and Jenish Jeti-Oguz district of Issyk-Kul region conducted open lessons on the topics of ecology and responsible resource management. The events were held as part of a project on the conservation of migratory animal species, led by the PF “CAMP Alatoo” in the Jeti-Oguz district with the support of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Assistance in organizing the classes was provided by the local education department and teachers.

At Chon-Zhargylchak Secondary School, two open lessons dedicated to environmental issues were held. The first lesson on "Clean Water and Sanitation" was conducted by biology teacher Ainura Sagynbekova, geography teacher Jamil Kyz Nuray, and social studies teacher Alyshbay Uulu Bekzat. They prepared a lesson based on a systemic approach to studying water resources and sanitation, which was deemed innovative and interesting. Using presentations, the teachers shared general information about water as a resource essential for the entire planet, its chemical properties, purification methods, and took the students on a virtual journey to places where water is collected in their native village. The issue of water scarcity, relevant to the village of Chon-Zhargylchak, sparked active discussion between teachers and students, who offered their own ideas for improving the situation.

The final part of the lessons took place in a creative atmosphere: the students staged a theatrical performance titled "Water is Life!" aimed at drawing attention to the issues of water resource conservation and the importance of forest preservation. The students also worked on project assignments, which contributed to the development of their independence and responsibility skills.

Representatives of the district education department, school principals, and teachers from other schools who attended the classes noted the use of various teaching methods and group work. They concluded that the students successfully absorbed the material on both topics thanks to the systemic approach and the use of innovative pedagogical techniques, such as information and communication technologies and learner-centered approaches.

At Jenish village Secondary School, during a geography lesson, teacher Kamchybek Zhylkybaev introduced eighth-grade students to forests and their ecosystems, providing detailed explanations of the importance of forests for maintaining ecological balance. Using photographs and visual aids, the teacher showed the students the diversity of forest ecosystems and their locations.

Ninth-grade students focused on the topic "Me and the Environment," orienting towards the goals of sustainable development. Under the guidance of physics teacher Nurgul Okeeva and chemistry teacher Erkingul Sooronbaeva, students were engaged in writing projects addressing issues such as litter in the Issyk-Kul Lake basin, snow leopard conservation, and the causes of air pollution. After each project presentation, discussions were held, promoting active exchange of opinions and the development of analytical skills. Teachers drew attention to ecological issues by organizing quizzes and role-playing games.

According to representatives of the district education department and fellow teachers, the goals of the lessons were achieved. Teachers managed to expand knowledge about environmental issues in the native region, develop the skills of using information among high school students, foster a creative attitude towards learning, and teach teamwork. Recommendations were made regarding additional training on sustainable development and ecosystems, methodological training for teachers to effectively conduct environmental education classes, promotion of methods and materials on sustainable development, provision of necessary visual aids and materials for teachers, and organization of regular methodological seminars and trainings for teachers.






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